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Secure AI for your Your Business

Cadea enables enterprises to develop GenAI solutions confidently, safeguarding against prompt injection, information breaches, undesirable material, and various large language model vulnerabilities, all available in collaborative secure workspaces.

Built with expertise from leading AI companies like:

Cadea Product Overview

Deploy secure collaborative AI for your organization today.

Deploy enterprise-level AI tools equipped with end-to-end data security and Access Control, and protection from AI threats. Our platform helps you create, manage, and monitor AI applications like chatbots, and agents.


Data Access Controls

Cadea leverages end user identity to restrict content that AI models can see on behalf of the user. This provides Access control on the top of AI models, which lack this feature and prevent unauthorized access.

Integrate with your identity and directory providers - Okta, Azure AD, and OneLogin, for automatic account provisioning, and managing AI application access

Automatically ingest target data store access policies for use with AI applications, eliminating duplicate access management for AI applications


Multi-Cloud and On-Premise LLMs

Our platform is built for the cloud and has support for AWS, GCP, and Azure for deployment. We also support on-premise deployments for our customers with high security requirements, such as Finance, Healthcare, Legal, and Defense


Secure AI Interface

Cadea allows you to securely interact with AI models and protect from AI threats

Input validation to protect against Prompt Injection and Jailbreaking attacks

PII masking, output validation to provide brand safety, filter malicious content

Cadea Product Overview

How we Simplify building Secure AI applications

Observability & Metrics

Get a heads-up display of how Cadea is being used within your organization, from documents, chatbots, to agents.

300+ integrations

Boasts over 300+ integrations via our partner Endgrate, enabling extensive connectivity and functionality enhancements across diverse tools and platforms.

Integrated Identity

Integrate with your Identity Provider: OKTA, Azure AD, and OneLogin and support Single Sign-on (SSO) and manage access using user and group identities.

Role Based Access Control

RBAC ensures secure, role-specific data access for chatbots and agent systems, optimizing content relevance and privacy.

Multiplayer ChatGPT

Our multiplayer ChatGPT product offers secure, real-time chat with team-specific workspaces, enhancing collaboration and communication efficiency across organizations.

Quick Deployment

Our product offers rapid deployment through AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud services, enabling swift, seamless integration into existing infrastructure.

Cadea Product Overview

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